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We (the Lee Family of Rolf, Bobbi, and Kerri) purchased this property in November 2003.  We were not really in the market for an equestrian centre at the time, having lived in North Delta for 30 years, we thought we would like to buy an investment property.  Our daughter Kerri found this property, and discovered it was a court ordered sale, and the price was right, so we bought it.

We had an opportunity to meet with the folks who lived on this property from the early 1950’s til the late 60’s.  They moved here from the city to retire and for her husband to live out his final days.  He had MS and was only expected to live a couple of years, but they said he thrived out here and lived another 10 years.  There was just one house on the property at that time, and they extended it to meet their needs and family.  They also built “the herdsman’s house” which is the first little house you see when you come on the property.  They built the big barn and a small milking parlor and garage as well.  The rest of the property was just pasture which you could get to by a walking bridge over the river.

The next people to buy the property was a dentist, who in turn sold the property to a Mr. George Wadsworth (who we understand was a fire chief in Vancouver) Now this man had a dream!!  He built the most fabulous race horse facility and we understand he ran a thriving business which some of you may remember called “LONE ROCK FARMS’.  He built a lovely home, a large 6 bay shop, 9 separate barns, an indoor lunging arena, a hot walker, a worker’s residence and a viewing lounge, an outdoor riding arena and a 3 furlong track.  WOW, it really was just the most beautiful place.  We don’t know any real details for sure as to why he had to sell (there are many rumors) but the fact is the bank ended up with the property and we believe it was rented out for several years to folks who either would not or could not maintain it and it fell into MAJOR disrepair.  The property was then purchased by someone who tried to make a go of it, but again lost the property to the bank.

Enter the Lee Family.

The issues to be attended to on this property were mind boggling in nature.  The entire property was prone to major flooding issues.  Every barn needed major repairs due to flooding damage, so each and every stall had to have floors and baseboards replaced.  There were 9 barns to begin with, 8 were totally fixed, pressure washed and painted, one barn has been turned into a woodworking shop.  Every barn also had paddocks repaired or new ones built.

This property has been a dream come true for our family.  Rolf of course, thinks he has died and gone to heaven with all his “toys”  What guy wouldn’t enjoy his own excavator, bob-cat, tractor, gravel truck, assorted trailers and ATV’s.  He can be found on any one of these machines at any given time.  Can’t find him, just listen to which machine is running!!  All kidding aside, these machines have been invaluable to him and have allowed him to do a tremendous job around here.

Kerri has been single-handedly responsible for setting up and maintaining our horse boarding business.  She does a great job and has built a great rapport with our customers.  She has gone from just a few horses our first year to over 50 here now.  We offer Full boarding and a couple of Self Board spots.  There are folks here from every range of equine interests,  English & Western, those who take it super serious and enter all the shows, or those who just trailer out to the park for a days ride every now and then.  Everyone gets along and everyone is welcome. We do not allow DRAMA!

I thoroughly enjoy the summers around here.  I’m the lady who waters all the hanging baskets and planters each day.  It’s a big job but well worth it judging by the compliments received.

So we would like to welcome you to join our facility & thank you for taking a look and reading our story!

Bobbi Lee

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