People & Horses @ Langlee Acres

peewee  I’m Kerri (Lee) Wein, Owner of Langlee Acres.  This pic is of me riding one of my horses Peewee!  He is a great little man that has taught a ton of people to ride!  Along with my other horses Jack & Lexi.  When I ride (not that often, lol)  I enjoy mostly pleasure riding!  I have ridden for many years doing drill and grand entry and now I am starting to Team Rope and have played a bit in Cutting.  I also like to go for a nice trail ride.  Horses are a great part of my life and I can’t imagine life with out them!  I hope you keep reading on and get to know our great boarders and their trusty steeds!  Maybe you will join us one day and have a write up of your own!!!  :)

hayley and major 1This is Hayley, She can be found around the farm tending for everyone’s trusty steeds, giving lessons or bombing around bareback on her own Major!  This is one of the best horse/rider love stories you’ve ever heard!  They enjoy each other immensely!!





My name is Mackenzie and I have been a part of the Langlee Acres family for almost 5 years with my boy Stormy Slew, a TB gelding whom I looove to pieces! Nothing makes this horse happier than playing tug-o-war with buckets along with his buddy Major, or dumping over every bin in sight in search for treats. We are usually spotted around the barn goofing around bareback or, on a more serious note, training hard for our next show of the season. Together we compete in three-day eventing, finishing this current season at the pre-training level and hoping to have a successful year next season at training level.  Stormy is a bold and brave jumping machine, always more keen to try things than I am! He is the greatest partner a rider could ask for, allowing me to achieve goals I never imagined I would.  He is that one in a million horse!



Maise & Sassy                                                        Kathy & Sassy


adele and baronimage1

Adele & Baron (above) Adele & Ziggy (left)



Vincent & Raffey







Alex & Luna (above)

Vincent & Raffey (left)


hanna& royce 2 Hanna & Royce 1 hanna & royce 3










Hanna & Royce (top L & R) Left





heather & woody Heather & Woody


Darian & Tanner 1 (800x672)




Darian & Tanner



Diana & Quincy Stephanie & Quincy

Diana & Quincy                              Stephanie & Quincy

Slim Shady – Barn Name “Quincy” – Quincy is a 2009 pinto Oldenburg (Warmblood). Progeny of Art Deco. Sire is Skeptic, a 2003 Bay Tobiano Oldenburg Stallion. Skeptic won Canadian National JR Hunter Stallion and 2 year old hunter futurity.

Dam is SS Pull Up My Sock (“Nightshade”), a black Tobiano APHA reserve world champion novice amateur working hunter

Stephanie Mark is my daughter and my trainer (a wonderful combination!) and you will see both of us riding Quincy, between us, usually about 5 times a week.  Quincy has beautiful movement, and is very athletic and talented…however she also has a brain she needs to grow into!  As many of you will have seen, 2015 was a really challenging year for us with her! Our plan for Quincy is to do pretty much everything – dressage, flat work, jumping, and western riding for trails. We are having lots of fun with her, and she is forcing both of us to learn lots!

Gail and amira Gail & Amira

Louise & Jack

Louise & Peewee
Louise & Jack (left)

Louise & PeeWee (right)




rhys & Sky



Rhys & Sky




ed 2


Minju & Ed






kirsten and obi





Kirsten and Obi – Obi is an OTTB that came from J&M Acres Horse Rescue.  He has done hunter/jumper and dressage,  but right now he’s mostly just my buddy.  Obi and I love Langlee Acres  (we both live here) for several reasons. The facilities are great, well cared for and very clean! Regardless of your discipline there’s always a place for you here and Kerri, Hayley, Rolf and Bobbi are more than willing to help out with pretty much anything you need. The boarders are friendly and the horses always come first. Langlee Acres is a fun and relaxing place to spend time with your horse and hang out with other happy horse people ~♡  Kirsten’s job has taken her out of province sadly :(  She has placed Obi up in Clinton on a wonderful ranch that he gets to run and play in a herd, goes to many clinics and lessons, helps break colts etc. 

PaxThis lovely boy is Pax, owned and adored by Al and Diane Just.  Note from Diane:

Al and I are so pleased to have Pax with you at Langlee Acres.  He had a wonderful summer on pasture with his “friends” and at 22 years of age it is important to us that he enjoy each and every    day.  With our move to Alberta this fall we made the difficult decision to have Pax stay in BC this winter because we know he is happy and comfortable with you and your staff.  Thank you for all you do.  Dianne  – Al & Diane moved to Alberta last fall, Pax stayed in our care until August and then shipped out to Alberta to be with his family, we will miss him….especially his buddy Mickey! 

vicki & peeweeMy name is Vicki….and this is my story.

After a serious health scare I thought what did I love to do as a kid and riding was my first thought, however I had not ridden for over 30 year so where to start.  I started riding at Langley Acres over 2 years ago. My first horse was a wonderful elderly quarter horse, by the name of Major, owned by Lincoln Hall, age 6. (Thanks Lincoln and Brynn). In the beginning I could only manage 15 minute rides. It was a sight to see 90 pound Hayley (my trainer) swinging that heavy western saddle over Major before our lessons.  Unfortunately Major was moving to a new home and that’s when Kerri thought Peewee, (Kerri Lee Wein, Fred Wein and Bobbi Lee owners) would be a good fit, so he became my partner to date. Thanks Kerri you were certainly right on the call of Pee and I together.  A beautiful 16 year old quarter horse with a heart of gold and a spirit that gives back every day. I have learned so much from this little man. With the help of Hayley’s lessons, her input,  my riding has improved significantly. I have even entered in two events this summer, did well and had a great learning experience. Time seems to go so quickly at the farm, talking to other boarders, riding in the outdoor or indoor, or using the trails and track. There is always action happening as well.  I have come so far so quickly and want to thank all the great folks that I have met at the farm. We are all at different levels however the passion for our horses is what brings us together. I will always cherish my time at Langlee Acres and the folks that make it a fun place to be.  One word to describe this space, Serendipity. Thanks all.


Please stay tuned for more write ups to come!